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Frequently Asked Questions

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It would depend on what time of the day we receive the order and if the part was in stock. If it is a critical situation for the customer and we have stock, we would make every effort to fulfill the order that day.

No, although we do have traceability on the products we sell.

K&L has a 30-day return policy. The parts must be in the original shipping package or container.

This varies with each tool. A simple repair might only take one or two days. In the event a tool requires more extensive repairs or special parts, the repair time would be moved out accordingly. K&L offers a tool maintenance program and rental tools.

There are less expensive tools on the market, but these tool can’t match the quality that our highly-engineered tools exhibit. Our manufacturers have spent many years refining their products to provide tooling of the highest caliber so our customers can expect reliability when they need it most. Having a production line go down because a tool failed shouldn’t be a option.

Packaging reduces the loss of product during shipping and provides specific quantities where required. Kitting provides the ability to package a number of different items in one bag for the convenience of your customer.

Yes. K&L is able to design a VMI program to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Talk to a salesperson to find out how K&L can help you to reduce your inventory costs while keeping your production lines running smoothly.

Terms are granted for repeat customers only due to the resources necessary to provide clear financial history. Repeat buys with minimum dollar value of $250 is necessary to review terms. We do accept all major credit cards or we can ship via UPS C.O.D.

K&L Sales has many options for kitting products. Our state-of-the-art, in-house Autobag equipment insures quality-controlled kits that will meet your needs. With customer-logo bags to perforations, the options for your bagged kits will be custom made to your requirements. We also have clam-shell options for POP displays. Contact our sales team for specific design features to help you become more profitable.

K&L Sales started in 1985 in Waukesha, Wisconsin and although growth necessitated three moves to accommodate larger customer demands, we remain in South Eastern Wisconsin.

With today’s technological advances, most manufacturers and suppliers only provide PDF catalogs as these can be e-mailed quickly upon request. Contact our trained sales staff at 800-535-1420 to obtain specific files.

With over 150 years of combined fastener-industry knowledge, our staff can provide you with fastener technical support to help you decide what fastener is appropriate for your needs.

Contact our IT department to gain access to your part numbers which will allow you to view live inventory counts.

With approximately $1,500,000 in inventory, we can pack your order and ship via UPS or USPS the same day. If we do not carry an item you need, our trained sales staff will find the item for you.