RAC180 Rivet Installation Tool

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RAC180 Rivet Installation Tool

The 4 lb. rivet tool is molded to be lightweight and durable for operator comfort and convenience. The push button trigger is for quick rivet setting with a vacuum assisted mandrel nail catcher. The air flow for the vacuum allows the rivet to stay in the tool even when in the vertical position prior to rivet setting, but the vacuum can be turned off when not in use. The rivet tool is supplied with nose pieces that are stored in the bottom of the tool to set 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” diameter blind rivets in all materials and ¼” rivets in Aluminum/Steel.
K&L Sales has sold and serviced this tool as a reliable, versatile and practical production blind rivet gun.

The easy access oil fill screw allows the operator to quickly refill the oil cylinder when necessary. The manual and oil fill bottle are included with the tool. The recommended air pressure to allow the tool to function properly is 85-95 psi. The air connection swivel allows the operator to position the Red Far Blind Rivet Tool without the air hose restriction that can happen with other tools. This tool is also sold as the Marson 302-E 39062 which we also purchase from Alcoa Fastening Systems. The stroke or piston travel as it is also known as is .812” and has a pull force of 2000 lbs. The air exhaust filter known as a silencer has a plastic protector which has been added to prolong the life of the silencer if the tool is accidently dropped.

K&L Sales also provides top brands of air connectors and hoses that can be supplied in any length requested.

K&L Sales also carries the full line of POP Stanley Black and Decker Rivet Tools, Gesipa and Marson Huck Rivet Tools that are under the Alcoa Fastening System Brand.

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